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04 August 2023
Building Conviction in Uncertain Times
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23 June 2023
Welcome @ āltitude, Torge!
Introducing our new Chief of Staff

01 June 2023
We are Closing the SME Tech Gap
Through Automation and Sustainability Technologies

02 February 2023
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It Takes a Village to Raise a Startup

08 December 2022
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10 November 2022
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The Mighty Angel Long Tail


// We believe the European SME tech gap is real and underserved.

We see a remarkable opportunity to invest in scalable solutions that address the automation & sustainability requirements of SMEs in Europe within the next decade.

Why SMEs?Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a major role in most economies. They represent about 90% of businesses and more than 50% of employment worldwide (The World Bank).In Europe, 24 million SMEs form the backbone of the economy, representing 99 percent of all companies in the EU. They employ more than 100 million Europeans and are the most important force for economic growth, innovation and job creation (Renew Europe).In the current macroeconomic climate, technology has become a crucial factor for survival, determining future growth and competitiveness for many businesses. 76% of European SMEs consider digitalisation a priority, and 54% of them see the need to adopt new technologies to remain competitive (British Business Bank).Accordingly, SMEs are being compelled to undergo digital and sustainable transformation, leading to a rise in early-stage startups addressing their specific challenges. We believe that great B2B technology startups start with SMEs as their primary target customers and either succeed in capturing massive market shares as an SME solution or grow into fully fledged enterprise solutions over time.Read more about our search for these startups here.

Which SME tech needs do we address?SMEs are in need of digital solutions across their entire value chain (see "Porter's Value Chain"). Especially in Europe, they are facing a substantial 'tech gap' due to missing SME-focused digital solutions, leading to a vast array of unrealized creativity, efficiency, and innovation.With āltitude, we focus on two major themes where we see the biggest needs and potential for value creation among SMEs to help them exploit their full potential: automation & sustainability.Given their total number, SMEs have a significant environmental footprint, which requires them to adopt more sustainable business models. To fight the climate crisis successfully, millions of SMEs globally need to transition to 'net zero' in the coming years. We are confident that this can be achieved by leveraging the right software tools and tech-enabled hardware.In addition to environmental concerns, SMEs are facing a multitude of other challenges related to the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) dimensions of their businesses. In particular, we are aiming to support early-stage technology companies that help SMEs to manage not just their most critical environmental, but also social (i.e. diversity & inclusion) and governance-related tasks (i.e. company leadership, executive pay, audits, internal controls, and shareholder rights).With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the implementation of solutions for the automation of almost any type of work-related process has become a fundamental prerequisite for long-term success of SMEs. The upcoming decade will see an ever-increasing acceleration in the development of AI and data-based applications that will affect almost every aspect of our lives.We strive for working with founders that help SMEs to optimise even their most critical business processes through software by enabling them to make data-based decisions, empower their employees to fully harness digital technology without coding skills, and build more resilient organizations, amongst others.


// We are productising dealflow.

Open Angel is a new way to leverage informal networks, by aligning economic interest in order to access high quality deals, earlier. Open Angel is built on the premise that great deals can come from anyone and anywhere. We aim to harness the mighty angel long tail or professional angel, enabling any angel and/or syndicate out there. Read more.

Trojan Network is about recycling the anti-portfolio of other VC funds. Just think about it, if a VC looks at 100 deals and ten happen to be great opportunities and they execute only one — what actually happens to the nine great deals, which just don’t fit to the respective VC? Well, this is what Trojan is all about — we want to see these deals. Read more.

Maven Network is all about maximising the value of ecosystem professionals working closely with early-stage founders helping them to turn their startups from metaphoric caterpillars to butterflies, as we believe it takes a village to raise a start-up. Maven Networks is not a one-way street — we seek to give and take, by creating mutual benefits for all stakeholders. Read more.


// We are an European early-stage B2B software lead ticket VC firm.

We initially invest up to €1.5 million in startups at the pre-seed & seed stages that are primarily located in the DACH & UK markets, focussing on automation & sustainability-related solutions for SMEs.Automation TechnologiesArtificial intelligence, process automation, cloud / data intelligence, no code & low code solutions and workflow technologies pay into solving most of the pressing challenges such as (i) value and supply chain (ii) hiring / D&I (iii) process optimization.Sustainability TechnologiesDecarbonization, energy & renewables, mobility & logistics, water and wastage and ESG management primarily pay into solving (i) ESG regulations (ii) productivity (iii) resource efficiency.The InterconnectionNotwithstanding, both automation and sustainability technologies have a strong interconnection with various dependencies, such as (i) artificial intelligence & water and wastage (ii) data intelligence & decarbonization (iii) workflow technology & ESG management.


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altitude Capital Management GmbH acknowledges sustainability risks in its investment decision-making process when relevant. For clarity, "sustainability risk" refers to any environmental, social, or governance event or condition that, if it occurs, could potentially have a material negative impact on the value of an investment. When evaluating sustainability risks during the due diligence process for potential investments, altitude Capital Management GmbH makes decisions based on the specific circumstances and considers the principle of proportionality. This means that the company may either proceed with the investment while implementing appropriate measures to mitigate the relevant sustainability risk or decide not to proceed. Regular reviews of policies are conducted to ensure they adequately address emerging risks and investor concerns.
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Art. 5 SFDR - Remuneration Disclosure
As a registered alternative investment fund manager under the German Investment Code (Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch, KAGB), altitude Capital Management GmbH is not required to have a remuneration guideline or policy in accordance with KAGB requirements. Sustainability risks are not taken into account when determining remuneration.


At altitude Capital Management GmbH our approach is multifaceted, with a compass on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I), Sustainability, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.Description of Sustainability-related Principal Adverse Impacts:At present, we already incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in both our operational practices and investment activities.To strengthen our commitment to ESG compliance and enhance transparency, we have appointed an part-time ESG Officer as the primary contact for all internal and external ESG matters. This Officer will address inquiries from various stakeholders, such as employees, existing and potential investors, and media representatives.In order to further improve our transparency and consistency, we have decided to establish our own ESG policy framework. Additionally, we plan to implement an ESG management system during the course of 2021. This will enable us to provide more detailed information on our website, aligning with the requirements of the Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).Regarding portfolio management and investment selection, we will introduce a set of checklists to analyse ESG-related opportunities and risks. This assessment will cover both potential investments and existing portfolio companies. We will also ensure that our portfolio companies regularly document their adherence to ESG guidelines. Our ESG management system will be tailored to the nature and scale of our activities in the venture capital investment market. The system will include well-defined procedures and tools for identifying, assessing, disclosing, and mitigating any significant ESG deficiencies, particularly those falling under the category of Principal Adverse Impacts (PAI) as defined in SFDR.Once our Board approves the ESG policy and management system, we will publish more information about our policies on identifying and prioritizing principal adverse sustainability impacts and indicators, along with any actions taken or planned in response.As part of this process, we will also assess our adherence to responsible business conduct codes and internationally recognized standards and reporting practices. Furthermore, we will evaluate the extent to which our practices align with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.Article 5 of SFDR requires us to include a statement on how our policies align with the integration of sustainability risks in our remuneration policies. We will ensure that this information is appropriately communicated.


// We are former entrepreneurs, super angels and professional VCs.

We are a hyperlocal and seasoned team of investment professionals, startup founders and super angels, located in major European VC superclusters. We partner with exceptional and bold founders across Europe, addressing the pressing digitalisation challenges of SMEs.

Lessons LearnedAs a team, we highly value continuous learning and live by the principle of 'paying it forward'.Below are some of our most important lessons learned as operators and venture capital investors so far:

// Videesha: Community in business models is defensible.It’s difficult to replicate holistically or quickly, in some cases not even with money.

// Marc: Become intimately aware of your biases.Bias is your worst enemy, evaluate and re-evaluate objectively.

// Ingo: Prioritise outstanding complementary teams over business models.A great team can pivot and turn a mediocre business into success.

// Torge: Being kind is a superpower.Life is too short to waste it on negativity - treat everyone with genuine respect, also in business.


// We would love to meet you.

If you are a a founder, angel investor, or VC professional who would like to notify us about an investment opportunity that fits our criteria, say 'hello'!